Trade publishing credits (SELECTED TITLES)

We've spent 30 years in publishing as developmental editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders. The following is a selected list of titles in trade and academic publishing that bear our editorial fingerprints.


Adult Fiction and Nonfiction

Click for Joy: Questions and Answers from Clicker Trainers and their Dogs,
by Melissa Alexander. KPCT, 2003, Maxwell Award Winner.

Stay, by Mary Sullivan. Zoland Books, 2000.

In the Pond, by Ha Jin. Zoland Books, 2000.

Boyne's Lassie, by Dick Wimmer. Zoland Books, 1998.

Reinventing a Continent, by Andre Brink. Zoland Books, 1998.

Range of Light, by Valerie Miner. Zoland Books, 1998.

Bad Jews, by Gerald Shapiro. Zoland Books, 2000.

Lenoir, by Ken Greenhall. Zoland Books, 1998.


Juvenile Literature

Grape Thief, by Kristine Franklin. Candlewick Press, 2003. Starred review, Booklist.

Meltdown: A Race Against Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile Island, by Wilborn Hampton.
Candlewick Press, 2001. International Reading Association Young Adult Nonfiction Award. A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year.

Crab Moon, by Ruth Horowitz, illustrated by Kate Keisler. Candlewick Press, 2000.
An Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children.

My Book of Thanks, by BG Hennessey. Candlewick Press, 2002.

Brand New Readers, Candlewick Press, 1997–2002.
“Thoughtfully produced readers designed for building confidence in children just starting to read.” —



To Repel Ghosts, by Kevin Young. Zoland Books, 2001.

Sheepshead Bay, by Ed Barrett. Zoland Books, 2001.

Serenade, by Bill Berkson. Zoland Books, 2000.

Turning Sixty, by Gary Miranda. Zoland Books, 2001.

Ring of Fire, by Lisa Jarnot. Zoland Books, 2001.

Cuban Journal, by Joel Sloman. Zoland Books, 2000.

Proposal, by John Maloney. Zoland Books, 1999.

How to Live, by Michael Franco. Zoland Books, 1999.

Human Rights, by Joseph Lease. Zoland Books, 1998.

Stops, by Joel Sloman. Zoland Books, 1997.

Blanket Knowledge, by Peter Payack. Zoland Books, 1997.