Evaluation packages

Pen and Press provides editorial services for manuscripts with creative merit and publishing potential. Please note that we only work with manuscripts that meet our standards of viability. We provide two levels of editorial services for selected manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction):


For manuscripts with publishing potential, we provide the following services, each priced separately according to the length, scope, and needs of your manuscript:

  1. Detailed substantive review, provided by at least two professional editors offering a consensus. An annotated 5–15 page review document references macro and micro issues throughout.
  2. While creating the substantive review, we provide detailed line edits to improve style and flow.
  3. Copyediting is provided in order to prepare your manuscript for consideration by a publisher or agent. (Many publishing houses offer substandard copyediting services or none at all; quite a few published authors are now relying on external copyediting in order to ensure nothing embarrassing makes its way into print.)

Required: complete manuscript, provided in hard copy and electronically.
Fee: Variable depending on size and scope of project, and desired service level. (Item “a” alone typically averages $1,800.)


For manuscripts that, in our opinion, are not ready for high-level polishing but show promise, or for authors looking for a budget option, we provide an evaluation package. Working with the initial portion of your manuscript, we provide line editing and a 3–5 page editorial summary describing strengths and weaknesses of the writing and content. Our aim is that the author will be able to apply suggested improvements to the remainder of the manuscript. (Required: the first 50 pages/12,500 words of your manuscript, along with brief synopsis, provided electronically.) Fee: $490.

For consideration, please submit five pages of your work, which we will consider free of charge. Based on this sample, we will recommend a service level or will decline the project.

It is rare that we take on a manuscript from someone with no previous writing experience or published credits, but we always keep an optimistic, open mind. You have our encouragement. Send your sample and a brief note to .